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Netflix has a great selection of health and fitness documentaries, which may just give you the inspiration you need to kick-start your fitness goals. Whether you’re shedding winter weight or trying to sculpt your gams, Netflix’s selection of fitness movies will inspire you to do whatever it takes to get in shape. One such movie is Limitless, a documentary following eight women who embark on a pilgrimage across India to find their inner peace and discover the secrets of inner strength.
Fittest on Earth: A Decade of Fitness

Fittest on Earth: A Decade of Fitness is a new documentary from the makers of CrossFit HQ. It’s a must-see if you want to understand the competitive nature of the sport and the human body. With slow-motion shots of peak physical form, you’ll be inspired to hit the gym.

“Fittest on Earth: A Decade of Fitness” follows the story of top athletes competing in the Reebok CrossFit Games. The six-day competition has 15 events that challenge participants’ physical capabilities and endurance. The competition is designed to determine the fittest man and woman on Earth. The documentary follows four of the top athletes as they train and compete.
Generation Iron

If you love the world of bodybuilding, you may enjoy Generation Iron, a health and fitness documentary. It follows seven of the best bodybuilders from around the world as they train and compete. But unlike Pumping Iron, which shows just a small part of the whole process, this film is a lot more comprehensive and offers more information on the sport than its predecessor.

The new Generation Iron series, ‘Natty 4 Life’, will follow the lives of bodybuilders as they train for the Mr. Olympia and balance work, family, and other responsibilities. The ‘Natty’ series will also feature interviews with industry experts. This series will be released on DVD, digitally, and on demand.

The documentary has received great reviews worldwide. After its September 20 release, it became the number one documentary in the US for three weeks. It also won awards at international film festivals. With such a positive response, Generation Iron has now become a movement for health and fitness enthusiasts. Despite its small budget, Generation Iron is already making waves as a new voice for fitness and health.

Generation Iron follows the lives of today’s bodybuilders, including the stars of the sport. With a cast that includes celebrities like Lou Ferrigno and Arnold Schwarzenegger, the film is a must-see for anyone who has an interest in bodybuilding.
The Game Changers

The Game Changers is a health and fitness documentary that explores the connection between diet and athletic performance. It follows James Wilks, an elite Special Forces trainer who won the Ultimate Fighter and is now on a quest to find the optimal diet. His journey includes interviews with visionary scientists, cultural icons, and elite athletes. Wilks finds that many of the athletes and performers are ordinary people, just like us.

The Game Changers combines scientific information with a compelling cinematic story. It challenges the idea that eating meat is the definition of manhood. In a battle between two MMA fighters, McGregor was the undefeated favorite and a meat lover, while his opponent, Nate Diaz, a scrappy underdog, embraced a vegan lifestyle and eschewed animal meat.

The Game Changers follows Forks Over Knives, which focused on food myths and climate change. Its message is clear: the power of a film can change behavior. It can move markets, make or break a business, or even push an entire movement to a tipping point.
Too Big for the World

Too Big for the World is a health and fitness documentary that explores body image. The series showcases the healing power of passion in developing a healthy and positive attitude toward our bodies. The series also focuses on building self-acceptance and confidence. It explores the standards women must meet when they want to take up space in their bodies. Women are often pressured to shrink in order to look more feminine, while men are encouraged to grow larger and have more muscular bodies. This isn’t healthy and it can lead to discrimination and poor self-esteem.

This health and fitness documentary is full of inspiring stories from men and women who have overcome obstacles to reach their goals. The filmmakers also provide a broader perspective on bodybuilding and fitness. The films can also educate viewers about the CrossFit movement, bodybuilding culture, and the modern strongman.
Take Your Pills

There are many reasons to watch Take Your Pills when watching health and fitness documentary films. The premise of this film is that our society is becoming more addicted to prescription drugs. It also touches on the epidemic of attention deficit disorder and the use of prescription stimulants. It also calls attention to the largely lax prescribing practices of doctors. It also calls out the history of pharmaceutical companies marketing ADD meds to mothers with difficult children. However, despite its many merits, this documentary isn’t without flaws.

First of all, it’s a bit misleading. A doctor’s prescription of medication may not always be the best option for you. Medications often have harmful side effects that can offset their positive health effects. Many times, natural methods can be just as effective. These alternative treatments can often be quicker and have fewer side effects.
Take Your Pills series

This documentary explores the history of the use of stimulants and other performance-enhancing drugs. It covers the development of these substances and their spread as “pep pills” as well as the personal stories of people who have taken them. Ultimately, the film focuses on the use of stimulants for ADHD.

Despite the documentary’s title, the film does not offer a cure-all for ADHD. The director, Alison Klayman, a medical doctor who specializes in addiction, sets out to examine the reliance that Americans have on stimulants like Adderall and other pharmaceuticals. While the film hints at larger issues regarding prescription drugs, it remains largely focused on the issues affecting American consumers.

The documentary is also a sobering look at our food supply and the rise of diseases. Although it may be disturbing, it will make you think about the future of our health. While there’s no single solution to the problems we face in our food supply, you can watch this documentary to better understand the issues.

One of the health and fitness documentaries to watch this year is Heroin(e). This short film examines the opioid epidemic, focusing on a small West Virginia town where the overdose rate is more than 10 times the national average. The film features interviews with three women on the front lines of the response. They share their perspectives of what the situation is like, and are courageously trying to support a healthy community.

The filmmakers behind this Oscar-nominated documentary have made an effort to create a more human perspective on the opioid crisis. Instead of portraying the epidemic as a medical issue, they have attempted to depict the real world, including the stigma associated with the disease. The result is a film filled with humanity and empathy.

Filmmaker Sheldon made his name with his Oscar-nominated short “Heroin(e)” about the opioid crisis. The film follows three women in a West Virginia community who fight the epidemic. The film was nominated for an Academy Award and is available on Netflix. In addition to “Heroin(e), Sheldon has also directed the interactive documentary “Hollow,” about the state of rural America.