Health and Fitness Drawing by Lisa Westlake






The health and fitness drawing is a work by Lisa Westlake. This piece is currently for sale. If you like this drawing, please consider purchasing it. You can also buy the original drawing from the artist. You will need to contact the artist directly in order to purchase it. The contact information can be found here.
Lisa Westlake

Lisa Westlake is a physiotherapist and an acclaimed fitness instructor. Her programs focus on strength, balance, mobility, and pilates, so that both men and women can stay fit and healthy. The exercise programs are also ideal for at-home workouts. They offer a number of exercise options, so that anyone can get started on a fitness program that fits their lifestyles and budgets.
Lisa Westlake’s health and fitness drawing

Lisa Westlake is an award-winning author, speaker and fitness leader. She has a background in physiotherapy and has worked in fitness for over twenty years. She has developed a unique fitness program and workout DVD that has helped thousands of people improve their health and fitness levels. She also runs workshops that are informative and interactive.